Nora The Explorer is a game loosely based on puzzle/exploring games for the Tomb Raider GameJam.


WASD - Movement

Space - Jump

Mouse - Camera

ESC - Pause Menu

M - Mute (Turn) on/off Background Music

F12 - Screenshot


My name is Phil Greenway aka Sikosis and I really enjoyed making the maps/levels for this game. It's not a genre style I would normally do, so it was also great to play with something different.

Twitter: @sikosis


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Cool! I like the atmosphere in the game, the cave entrance looked very spooky, and coming into the clearing after finding the keys was a great reveal. I couldn't make it across the logs, the jumping is a bit too unpredictable to be accurate, but up to there it was pretty nice for a genre you don't normally do  👍

Unfortunately this wouldn't really run above 2-4 frames per second on my machine. 

Win 10 x64 14GB I7 3ghz
GeForce GTX 1050TI