You are Santa. Get the presents, deliver them to the tree and get out through the door without being seen or heard (bumping into furniture).

If a parent gets you, you lose a gingerbread man. It's Game Over when you lose all three gingerbread men.

Sneaky Santa requires a Mouse to play. You control Santa by Left clicking the desired location. You can hold the left mouse button down for an "arcade-like" action.

M - Music Toggle On/Off

Coded by @sikosis - using Unity with assets by Synty Studios.

Size: 20.4MB


Blue Giraffe - Christmas Dubstep
Misek - Funks
Fresh Body Shop - One Step Away (Instrumental)
Fresh Body Shop - Rainbow Stone (Instrumental)
Fresh Body Shop - Turn The Lights On (Instrumental)

Made for Ludum Dare 37 - December 2016

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Made withUnity
TagsChristmas, Ludum Dare 37, santa

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