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It is the year 2216 and Earth is prosperous ... Captain Blake has been tasked with TERRAFORMING a new world recently discovered.

You are the ... TERRAFORMER

Terraformer is a beat the clock, land tile / work order fulfilment game made for #cyberpunkjam2 with the theme being solarpunk.

Use the mouse to get Order cards and Land cards to fulfilment those order cards. It's that simple but as I said, it's a race against the clock

with there being 25 sols (hours) in a day and limited placement spots for the land. Taking an order game spends 2 hours, so there's that too.

Good Luck !

Keyboard Shortcuts

SPACE - Start / Skip (Intro and Outro)

O - Pick up an Order Card

L - Pick up a Land Card

M - Mute (Turn) on/off Music (Splash and Game only)

R - Restart the Level (with Y / N confirmation)

F12 - Screenshot


Phil Greenway aka Sikosis is a huge fan of everything Sci-Fi from Forbidden Planet to The Expanse and has been doing gamejams for a few years now.

"Solarpunk was not a term that was on my radar, but I looked into it and I think I came up with a working game within the genre."

I used Kenney's excellent Hexagon pack for this game.

Twitter: @sikosis

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